Seeking On-site Service from LG Refrigerator Service Centre in Gurgaon

On buying a LG refrigerator, the company provides free number of services for a particular duration. The company also provides free repair and maintenance for all those issues which are covered within the warrantee period. Consumers are required to inform the customer service of the company for any problem that arises in the product. The customer service can then inform the nearest LG refrigerator service centre in Gurgaon. This centre will then send the repair mechanic for troubleshooting.

LG refrigerator service centre in GurgaonInstead of calling the customer service, you can even find the nearest centre and make a personal visit to describe the problem like There are good chances that LG refrigerator service centre in Gurgaon will ask you to bring the fridge at their location. This can be a cumbersome process because you will have to arrange for a transport and make all the efforts at loading and unloading. You can explain this to them and ask them to send some person who can take stock of the problem.

The first preference would be to seek the on-site service as it would save all hassles. You would be able to see what is wrong and how it is being corrected. This will help you in ascertaining the level of effort involved. Many companies offer on-site troubleshooting services for fridges even if they have to carry welding or other equipments with them. The companies are also aware of the consumer psyche that they would not like to part with the machine for the fear that its parts might be replaced with the lower quality ones which are not from the company. Further, there is a presumption that service centre might provide exaggerated account of defects in the fridge in order to inflate their bills because the problem diagnosis is not done in front of consumers.

However, there could be instances when it is not possible to do the repairs at your place. This could be due to the dangerous nature of the work, space limitation or inability to bring heavy instruments which might be needed for work. At the service centre, they have all the facilities. But, for small value operations which can be taken care of at home or office, even the LG refrigerator service centre in Gurgaon might not prefer making all efforts to take it to service centre. All in all, consumers shall seek on-site repairs but shall also be open to sending it to service centre, if required.

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