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Seeking On-site Service from LG Refrigerator Service Centre in Gurgaon

On buying a LG refrigerator, the company provides free number of services for a particular duration. The company also provides free repair and maintenance for all those issues which are covered within the warrantee period. Consumers are required to inform the customer service of the company for any problem that arises in the product. The [...]

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Conditions that prompt fridge to be sent to Samsung Refrigerator Service Centre in Gurgaon?

Samsung is a renowned brand of consumer electronic products with diversified presence in the white goods industry as well. Its washing machines and refrigerators are two of the most popular categories of white goods. Gurgaon is one of its largest markets in the Delhi-NCR region. Presence of large number of corporate and employees make Gurgaon [...]

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Whirlpool Refrigerator Customer Care in Delhi- One Stop for All Solutions

Whirlpool is a well known brand in refrigerators. It manufactures a range of other home appliances relating to wash care or for use in kitchen. Its refrigerator product falls under the kitchen appliances product category. With the upswing in sales in any region, the company also seeks to provide the after sales support function for [...]

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