LG Air Condition Repair in Delhi: Questions they Must Ask

One of the best ways to evaluate services providers for LG air condition repair in Delhi would be to look closely at the questions they put forth to you when you place a call to them. Some of the desirable questions you must look for have been discussed here.

Once you place your ac-call-imagecall and register your complaint, you should ideally be asked the following questions:

What model of air conditioner do you have? – Just stating that you have an LG air conditioner is not enough. LG air conditioners are available in different makes. Every model would be different from the other in very many ways. And, your service provider for LG air condition repair in Delhi should gather information about the model so that they can come prepared for attending to the problem.  If it happens to be a minor snag, they can even carry small spares with them, once the model is known.

  • What exactly is the problem?—All you can share with them would be the outcome of the problem that has occurred. For instance, you would probably say, the cooling is not enough or that there is a mechanical sound with the cooling system and so on. The technician should ideally take care of the rest.
  • When would you like us to pay a visit?—Considering that you might be going out for work, the technicians should enquire about preferred timings before they visit. In case you have preferences, you need to discuss the same.

Subsequently, your air conditioner repair services in Delhi should pay you a visit on time. The future course of action would be decided thereafter.


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